Valiyaanathaavalam (29)

27/12/2011 History of Lord Ayyappa

Reaching the top of Karimala, the pilgrim takes rest for sometime and then starts the adventurous climb down through very narrow and zig zag paths flanked by dense forests. He would often feel that it is an endless descent. Every step has to be carefully taken. At last, stepping into the valleys of Karimala, the pilgrim reaches a plain grass land interspersed with shrubs and the place is known as Valiyaanathaavalam on the bank of a tributory of river Pampa. Thousands of camp-sheds are here and many pilgrims stay in them immersing themselves in reading the holy texts and meditation. There is a camp of Akhila Bharatha Ayyappa Seva Sangham rendering service to the pilgrims. At the south-eastern corner of this place there is a raised platform, the resting place for the Thiruvaabharanam, the ornaments, which are brought from the palace of Pandalam to adorn the idol of the Lord, during Makara-samkrama Pooja. Moving further the pilgrim reaches a spot called Cheriyaanathaavalam, another place with tall forest trees. Now the pilgrim walks along the banks of a tributary of the river Pampa.

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