Usha Pooja in Sabarimala

25/10/2011 Pooja Offerings

This vazhipadu is done for the favors received from Bhagawan.Parents offer this vazhipadu when the marriages of their children get delayed. Pooja is conducted in early morning after oil bath followed by nivedya samarpanam and then Arathi pooja is done. “ Idichu pizhinja” Payasam is the Nivedyam. Usha pooja consists of Peeda pooja, Moorthy pooja and Prasanna pooja. 25 Kalasams are used for Kalasabhishekam. At the time of Prasanna pooja “Thirumadhuram” is the Nivedyam.Once booked by paying Rs.501/-, the pooja is arranged when your turn comes.

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