Udayasthamana pooja in Sabarimala

25/10/2011 Pooja Offerings

Pooja is conducted from dawn to dust (from Nirmalyam to Athazha pooja). In addition to the Nithya pooja, special poojas with Archanas and Abhishekams are conducted to obtain the “Anugraham” of Bhagawan which enable to fulfill the wishes of the devotee. Padi pooja is not done during mandala pooja season. Out of total 18 poojas 15 are done before noon and there are 45 kalasabhishekams. Payasam for morning pooja, and Aravana for noon pooja ,Appam for deeparadhana,and Panakam for Athazha pooja. Rs.21,001/- is collected for this pooja.

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