The well-known insignia slogan of Ayyappa worship is “Swami sharanam” (49)

11/01/2012 History of Lord Ayyappa

Rishiprokthanthu poorvaanaam
Mahaathmaanaam gurormatham
Swami saranamithyevam
Mudraavaakyam prakeerthitham.

The well-known insignia slogan of Ayyappa worship is “Swami sharanam”. This has been recommended by the Rishi-s and Guru-s of yore. Its meaning given by adepts is as follows :

‘Swaa’ kaarochhaaramathrena
swakaaram deepyathe mukhe
Makaaram thu sivam proktham
‘E’kaaram sakthiruchyathe.

The moment the ‘Swa’ sound is uttered ‘Swakaaram’, the Real Self, reflects and illumines the face of one who chants the Manthra. ‘Ma’ sound represents the Supreme Reality Siva and ‘Ee’ sound, Sakthi, the Supreme Energy. The combined form of these two, that is, ‘Mee’ represents the union of ‘Siva’ and ‘Sakthi’. When the ‘Mee’ joins with ‘Swa’ the utterance of the combination has the power of granting spiritual illumination.”

Swaathmaanam cha paraathmaanam
Thayoraikyarthadam subham
Prasannam paapasamhaaram
Vineetham vashyakaaranam.

This Manthra confers the auspicious result of the union of the individual soul with the Supreme Soul. It destroys all sins and brings happiness. Moreover, it induces humility which will endear one to others.

Sham beejam shathrusamhaaram
Repham jnanaaghnivaachakam
Nakaaram sidhidam shaantham
Mudraa vinaya saadhanam.

The ‘Sa’ sound of the word ‘Saranam’ destroys inimical forces. The ‘Ra’ sound kindles the fire of knowledge and the ‘Nam’ confers ‘Siddhi’, spiritual accomplishments, and ‘Saanthi’, peace. It is at the same time a mystical formula that confers the quality of humility to the worshipper.

Shaasthru mudraa – vaakyamevam
Yanmukhe parisobitham
Thanmukhe vasathe Lakshmi
Vidyaa vinaya – saalinee.

Whoever recites this slogan of Lord Dharma Shaastha, he will be blessed by the divine splendour of Goddess Lakshmi, who is the embodiment of knowledge and modesty.

Kalau kalusha chiththaanaam
Naraanaam parishudhaye
Risheenaam punaraakhyaanam
Upadesham Mahaththamam

For the purification of the turbulent mind of the people of Kaliyuga, the present Iron Age, this Manthra is recommended by the ancient seers.

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