Sabaripeedam (33)

29/12/2011 History of Lord Ayyappa

Now the great climb is over. The pilgrim is getting closer to his destination. Walking a short distance from Appaachimedu, he reaches a level ground and there is the sacred spot, Sabari-peedam. According to a legend, Sri Rama and his brother Lakshmana, during their wanderings in search of Sita, met the great woman sage Sabari at this place and enjoyed her hospitality. Therefore, the whole region including the location of the sacred shrine of Lord Ayyappa, is known as Sabarimala, the Hill of Sabari. The pilgrims make offerings and worship at the holy spot.


About a kilometre from Sabaripeedam is another sacred spot known as Saramkuttiyaal, which means the banyan tree under which the arrows are to be dropped. This is a spot, where, it is believed, Ayappa and his soldiers discarded their weapons after the liberation of Sabarimala temple from the domination of Udayanan. This act indicates the total shifting of this attention to personal spiritual advancement and to the renaissance of the spiritual power of Dharma Sasthatemple for the welfare of whole mankind. It also symbolically indicates the potential evolutionary state in man , the realization of which would make all lethal weapons irrelevant in human society. Sharamkuttiyaal symbolisis that at a stage of his development man will have to inevitably discard his arms for a breakthrough to a greater evolutionary stage and a super civilization. It is to be specially noted that only the Kanni-Ayyappa-s, those who go on pilgrimage for the first time, are expected to bring the arrow. Others are supposed to have eradicated violence from their minds and refined themselves spiritually.

The pilgrim has now come very close to the temple and the whole region is vibrant with loud chantings of the pilgrims and the explosion of the fire works offerings in the shrine.

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