Pandalam Temple and Palce

25/10/2011 Journey to Sabarimala

It is believed that Lord Ayyappa of Sabarimala spent his human life until adolescene in the palace of Pandalam as the son of the king of Pandalam. Therefore this town is considered as a holy place. The Valiyakoikal temple on the bank of river Achankovil has been modeled as a replica of Sabarimala Shrine. Pilgrims usually stop here for worship before proceeding to Sabarimala. Three days prior to the Makaravilaku festival, the sacred ornaments of Sree Ayyappa are taken in a procession from Pandalam to Sabarimala.

Pandalam is a holy town near Sabrimala which is the birth place of Lord Ayappa in human form. Named after the Pandalam Royal Family,  is located on the banks of river Achenkovil. A few days before the Makar Sankranti, the ornaments of Lord Ayappa is taken in a procession from Pandalam to Sabrimala.

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