Padi Pooja in Sannidhanam

25/10/2011 Pooja Offerings

This is very expensive and is done for Aiswarya sidhi and Abheeshta sidhi. Pooja is done for all the 18 steps, which is equally important as Sabarimala prathishta. The 18 steps represent 18 hills including sabari hill. It is also considered as representing 14 lokangal ( worlds ),3 gunangal and jeevan.Each Padi is having 12 inches height and width and 5 feet length. Presence of deva- chaithanyam in each step makes it highly holistic. All steps are covered by pancha loham. Once booked, it takes years to get one’s turn. The remittance at devaswam is Rs.30,000/- and at the time of pooja one has to deliver all materials required at sannidhanam. During the festival seasons (Mandalam & Makaram vilakku) pooja is not done. Pooja is conducted after DEEPARADHANA. Detailed informations are available at the temple or on phone. No. 04735 -202048

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