25/10/2011 Journey to Sabarimala

Climbing the mountain Neelimala is the next phase of the pilgrimage. At first the pilgrim climbs the steps reach the shrine of Sri Ganesha at the foot of the mountain and worships there before climbing Neelimala. This is the third steep climb of the pilgrimage, when the pilgrim takes to the traditional route. But for those who reach Pampa by vehicles, this is the only climb. From Pampa, Sabarimala is about 6 kms away. The pilgrims who are unable to climb, engage Dollies, the special carriers borne by a team of four persons. Near Sri Ganesha temple there is a camp of the king of Pandalam, the descendant of the foster fatherb of Ayyappa, who stays there for a few days during the pilgrimage seasons. The pilgrims receive sacred ash from the king.

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