Mandala-Pooja (41)

06/01/2012 History of Lord Ayyappa

The major Pooja of the Mandala period (1st of Malayalam month Vrischikam to the 11th of Dhanu – middle November to the end of December) is performed on the concluding 41st day, which usually falls on the 11th of the Malayalam month Dhanu. This involves 41 days of austerities. A special event on this occasion is the arrival of the procession carrying the Thanka-anki, which is a decorated gold shawl, on the eve of the Mandala- pooja. It is brought in a chariot from the Paarthasaarathi temple in Aranmula. The Thanka-anki, dedicated by the royal family of Travancore, will be adorning the idol of the Lord during the concluding day of the Mandala pooja. In terms of importance, the Mandala pooja is next to the Makara-Vilakku pooja.

After the Mandala-pooja the temple will be closed till the 1st of January when the season of the Makara-samkrama begins.

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