Malikapurathamma Temple

25/10/2011 Journey to Sabarimala

When Ayyappan annihilated  Mahishi by catching her horns and  throwing her down, she is said to have fallen by the banks of  Azhutha river. The totally subdued Mahishi, at that moment,  became aware of the greatness of Ayyappan and when Ayyappan’s divine glance fell on her, she realised her own own basic divinity and sang Ayyappa’s praises. At that time the  transformation of Mahishi into a beautiful divine entity took place. She got entranced with Ayyappa and pleaded with him to  marry her. Though, Lord Ayyappa had undertaken a vow of eternal celibacy and meditation for the good of the world.   in order not to disappoint her, Lord Ayyappa is said to have proclaimed  “I will marry you in that year when no `Kanni Ayyappan’ (a first time pilgrim) visits Sabarimala’. Till then, she was given a place of pride at Sabarimala. Malikapuram temple is the place, legends say, where she rests in eternal wait. Malikapuram  temple thus enjoys prime importance at Sannidhanam because of the status of  Malikapuram as Lord Ayyappa’s eternal consort-in-waiting.  Kanni Ayyappans, during the course of their Petta Thullal carry mock wooden arrows. They carry this all the way and deposit it at Saramkuthi Aal near Sabarimala. .During the Makara Vilakku festival, Malikapurath Amma is ceremoniously   taken out on `Ezhunnelippu’ (Royal Procession) to Sarmakuthi Aal every evening from 15th to 18th January 2000 to check if any `Kanni Ayyappan’ had arrived at Sabarimala during that year (symbolised by deposit of new arrows at Sarmakuthi Aal). Invariably, thousands of arrows are found there and Malikapurath Amma returns dejected to her abode, waiting for the next year.

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