Kalam Ezhuthu (43)

06/01/2012 History of Lord Ayyappa

“Kalam-s”, elaborate mystical patterns signifying and invoking spiritual are used to be drawn on ground usually using white or coloured powders. Such kalam-s are drawnh at the manimandapam from the 1st of the Malayalam month Makaram to 6th of the month “(ie Jan 14th to 20th ).  These intricate and beautiful patterns are drawn using various materials like burnt rice husk powder, rice  powder, turmeric powder, green powder, red powder etc.  Hymns invoking the Divine are sung in front of the Kalam. At Sabarimala, these hymns begin with the invocation of Sri Ganapathi or (Sri Ganesha) and ends with the hymns invoking for Lord Ayyappa

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