Distances from important towns to Sabarimala

28/10/2011 How to Reach

Trivandrum to Chalakkyam 172.1
Trivandrum to Erumeli 148.9
Quilon via Ochira via Chengannoor to Erumeli 116.0
Quilon to Kunnicode 104.2
Quilon via Kottarakkara via Kunnicode to Chalakkyam 131.9
Quilon via Ochira via Chengannoor via Pathanamthitta to Chalakkyam 160.4
Allepey via Pathanamthitta to Chalakkyam 142.0
Alleppey via Chengannoor via Kattoor to Chalakayam 155.1
KM Kottarakkara via Enath via Kaipattoor to Chalakayam 100.9
Kottarakkara via Punalur to Erumeli 73.7
Kottarakkara via Kunnicode to Chalakayam 101.9
Punalur to Chalakayam 98.4
Chengannoor via Pathanamthitta to Erumeli 62.8
Chengannoor via Kattoor to Erumeli 46.5

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