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Pushpabhishekam in Sabarimala

As Kanana (forest) Devan Sri Ayyappan is very fond of flowers like Thamara, Chethi, Thulasi, Arali etc. and these are used for abhishekam. This vazhipadu is done for Abheeshta sidhi and Aiswarya samridhand is conducted after Deeparadhana. Flowers needed for this pooja is to be provided at sannidhanam by the devotee. Rs. 1001/- to be […]

Nithya pooja in Sabarimala

Pooja includes Nirmalyam, Usha pooja, Ucha pooja, Deeparadhana, and Athazha pooja. This helps the devotee to fulfill his wishes on emoployment, business, and in other fields. Arranging on Saturday, temple opening day or on ones own birth star day is very idieal. Rs. 501/- is charged for this pooja.

Ganapathi Havanam in Sabarimala

Vighneswaran is well known as “Shipraprasadi” hence this pooja is arranged by the devotee for removing all types of obstacles in life, particularly in the field of house construction, marriage, education, employment etc.. More effective, if done on Saturday, Chathurthy, or Uthram star. Rs. 61/- is charged for this pooja.

Udayasthamana pooja in Sabarimala

Pooja is conducted from dawn to dust (from Nirmalyam to Athazha pooja). In addition to the Nithya pooja, special poojas with Archanas and Abhishekams are conducted to obtain the “Anugraham” of Bhagawan which enable to fulfill the wishes of the devotee. Padi pooja is not done during mandala pooja season. Out of total 18 poojas […]

Padi Pooja in Sannidhanam

This is very expensive and is done for Aiswarya sidhi and Abheeshta sidhi. Pooja is done for all the 18 steps, which is equally important as Sabarimala prathishta. The 18 steps represent 18 hills including sabari hill. It is also considered as representing 14 lokangal ( worlds ),3 gunangal and jeevan.Each Padi is having 12 […]

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