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Neerajanam in Sabarimala

An important vazhipadu at sabarimala for Sani dosha pariharam and Agraha safalyam (fulfilled wishes).No specific time for this. Burning ellu (Teal or  seeds) thiri dipped in ghee and kept in a half piece of coconut is provided and needs Rs.61/-to pay for this vazhipad.

Sayana pradikshanam in Sabarimala Temple

Done as dosha pariharam and mochanam from all types of hard ships and sorrow in life.(Sani dosha nivaranam).A helping hand is needed for this.Sayana pradikshanam (rolling on the floor in lying posture) is done after taking a dip in Bhasmakulam and to come with “eeran vasthram” (wet clothes). This is allowed only when there is […]

Muzhukappu in Sabarimala

For Rogasamanam (cure for diseases) and Ayurarogyam (Life long health) pooja is conducted. Sandal paste is used for the pooja and Rs. 301/- charged for conducting the pooja.


Usually this is conducted in the morning by Melsanthi and the Bhakthan derives peace of mind and happiness. Archana with flowers and namajapam of Bhagawan with his 1000 names. Rs15/- is to spend for this pooja.

Laksharchana in Sabarimala

Laksharchana costs Rs.1001/-. Kalasa Pooja is done outside Srikovil by repeating the Manthram for 100,000 times before the abhishekam. The pooja helps to cure any illness and to receive favors from Bhagawan

Usha Pooja in Sabarimala

This vazhipadu is done for the favors received from Bhagawan.Parents offer this vazhipadu when the marriages of their children get delayed. Pooja is conducted in early morning after oil bath followed by nivedya samarpanam and then Arathi pooja is done. “ Idichu pizhinja” Payasam is the Nivedyam. Usha pooja consists of Peeda pooja, Moorthy pooja […]


This is a must for the every pilgrim and is the main part of the Theerthadanm. The Neyyu (ghee) required for this is stored and carried by the devotee in Neythenga (Coconut filled with ghee) . Coconut is the symbol of human body and the ghee inside is the ‘Atman and once they are separated […]

Pushpabhishekam in Sabarimala

As Kanana (forest) Devan Sri Ayyappan is very fond of flowers like Thamara, Chethi, Thulasi, Arali etc. and these are used for abhishekam. This vazhipadu is done for Abheeshta sidhi and Aiswarya samridhand is conducted after Deeparadhana. Flowers needed for this pooja is to be provided at sannidhanam by the devotee. Rs. 1001/- to be […]

Nithya pooja in Sabarimala

Pooja includes Nirmalyam, Usha pooja, Ucha pooja, Deeparadhana, and Athazha pooja. This helps the devotee to fulfill his wishes on emoployment, business, and in other fields. Arranging on Saturday, temple opening day or on ones own birth star day is very idieal. Rs. 501/- is charged for this pooja.

Ganapathi Havanam in Sabarimala

Vighneswaran is well known as “Shipraprasadi” hence this pooja is arranged by the devotee for removing all types of obstacles in life, particularly in the field of house construction, marriage, education, employment etc.. More effective, if done on Saturday, Chathurthy, or Uthram star. Rs. 61/- is charged for this pooja.

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