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ഹരിഹരസുതനാനന്ദചിത്തനയ്യനയ്യപ്പ സ്വാമിയേ ശരണമയ്യപ്പ

ഹരിഹരസുതനാനന്ദചിത്തനയ്യനയ്യപ്പ സ്വാമിയേ ശരണമയ്യപ്പ

Aravana prasadam manufacturing begins at Sabaraimala

Aravana prasadam manufacturing begins at Sabaraimala Lord Ayyappa temple onThursday, 27th October for the forthcoming Mandalam-Makaravilaku season.This is for achieving an opening stock of 25 lakh containers when the holy Temple opens for the Mandala pilgrimage season on November 17.

Sabarimala Pilgrim Calendar

2011 October (Monthly Pooja) (Thulam) Opening date 17-10-2011 Closing date 22-10-2011 Sree Chithira Thirunal Aatta Vishesham 25-10-2011  05.30pm 26-10-2011  10.30pm November Mandala Pooja Mahotsavam Opening date 16-11-2011 Closing date 27-12-2011 December Mandala Pooja Opening date 27-12-2011 Makara Vilakku Mahotsavam Opening date 30-12-2011 Closing date 20-01-2012 (January 2012) 2012 January Makara Vilakku  Opening date 15-01-2012 February Monthly Pooja (Kumbham) Opening date 13-02-2012  Closing date 18-02-2012 March Monthly Pooja (Meenam) […]

Vazhipadu and Prasadam rates ( from 01/DEC/2010 )

Aadiyashishttam Ghee 100 ml 40 Aadiyashishttam Ghee 100 ml 40 Aadiyashishttam Ghee 250 ml 100 Abhishekam(1 Mudra) 5 Adima 61 Appam 20 Aravana 250 ml 50 Ashtabhishekam Ingredients+1500 Ashtothararchana 15 Ayyappachakram 100 Bhagavathy Seva 800 Choroonu 61 Ghnapathyhomam 150 Kalabhabhishekam Ingredients+2000 Lakhsarchana Ingredients+3000 Malar Nivedyam 3 Malavady Pooja 4 Manjal Kungum 3 Manjal Kungam(Sale) 10 […]


One of the Sabarimala’s favorite Prasadam is Neyyu. Neyyu is given us as prasdam after Neyyabhishekam. After abhishekam a portion of the ghee is returned to the devotee to take home.


Appam is very popular and well known as sabarimala prasadams. Ghee is the main component. Other prasadams available are sarkara, payasam, panchamritham,vella nivedhyam and ghee used for abhishekam.

Aravana Payasam

Aravana Payasam

Aravana payasam is one of the most important ‘prasad’ (offering made to the Lord) distributed at the famous Sabarimala Temple dedicated to Lord Ayyappa in Kerala. More than 8 million cans – each containing 250 grams of Aravana – are sold at the temple during the two month Mandalam-Makaravilakku pilgrim season. Aravana is the nivedyam for Ucha […]

Thulabharam and Adima in Sabaraimala

Thulabharam for Agraha safalyam and Adima for protection from accidents and other dangers in life is the purpose of this vazhipadu. Adima vazhipadu is done as the ‘Nercha’, when children fall sick and till the Nercha is fulfilled the children are to live in a holy background. ( Like observing vratham ).The material needed for […]

Mudra and Vadi Vazhipadu in Sabarimala

At Sabarimala this is a special vazhipadu usually done for devotees of “Peryaswami,”status. Vadi is made of cane rod with silver covering in the proper style and Mudra (Maala or String) is made out of Rudraksham or Sandal beads. Both are together to be given at the Srikovil for pooja and are to be taken […]

Ashtabhishekam in Sabarimala

Conducted before Usha pooja and the items used are Milk, Honey, Ghee, Ilaneer, Panineer and vibhoothi for the Abhishekam.The purpose is to remove the obstacles, if any, at Mangala karmams and derive an immediate effect. This vazhipadu costs Rs.751.

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