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Aazhi-pooja is another major group-oriented ritual performed near the Padukka-pandal during these days of austerities. The Guruswami begins the Pooja in the Brahmamuhoortham, the auspicious hours in the early morning around 4 a.m. In the evening all the pilgrims in the group offer prayers in a nearby temple during the Deepaaraadhana, the ritualistic worship by […]


Traditionally, austerities begin on the 1st of Vrischikam with the wearing of a Maala(rosary) of Rudraaksha or Thulasi around the neck. The pilgrim going for the first time to Sabarimala finds out a Guruswami, a preceptor-guide, who has a few years of experience of going to Sabarimala, preferably eighteen years. A pilgrim receives the rosary […]

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