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Kanni Ayyappan : Rituals and Beliefs

Kanni Ayyappan or First time Sabarimala climber is a unique feature of Sabarimala and there said a storywith this. It is believed that Lord Ayyappa has given his word to Malikappurathu devi that he will marry herif any Kanni Ayyappans fails to come to Sababrimalain an year. Unfortunately, such thing never occurred and still Malikappuram […]

How to perform Ayyappa Deeksha

Sabarimala is one of the important pilgrim centre in India and very special rituals and customs are related with Sabarimala

Pampa Sadya

Pampa Feast These events are celebrated one day before Makara Vilakku . It is said that the feast forms a part of the the victory celebrations conducted by Ayyappa and his troops after conquering his enemy `Udayanan’. Pilgrims organise large scale feasts at noon and invite guests to attend the feast. The participants sit on […]

How to observe Mandala Vrutham ?

Devotees initiate the vratham by wearing a Thulasi or a Rudraksha mala. After this ceremony, the male pilgrim and the female pilgrim (aged 1-12 and after 55) are addressed as Ayyapan/Swamy and Maalikapuram respectively, until their completion of the pilgrimage. The devotees will wear only BLACK colored clothings. 1. Devotees are expected to undergo practices […]

Irumudi Kettunira

The most important rite just before starting the pilgrimage is the Kettunira, also known as Kettumurukku. It is the filling in of the sacred package, which the pilgrim reverentially carries on his head. For this purpose a blue or black bag with two compartments, which is known as Irumudi , is used. This ritual is […]

Ayyappan Theeyattu

The deity meant for Ayyappan Theeyattu is Sastha, the son of Hari and Hara. The main item of Kalampattu/Thottampattu and the acting of the story of the origin and bravado of Ayyappan are the basis for this ritualistic performance. From the Thottam, we get the information that Sastha, the deity who is in the acme […]


During the austerities many pilgrims often do not stay at home, but prefer to stay in a hall adjacent to a temple or in special prayer halls called Bhajana-madom’s built for the purpose of group worship, singing devotional songs and so on. His food is called Bhaksha-alms. He should not entertain any worldly distinction of […]


The austere devotional efforts have both an individual and group orientation. Pilgrim groups guided by a Guruswami, engage in some group rituals during the period of austerities. Vellam-kudi, which literally means drinking of water , is such a major ritual. The pilgrims assemble in the house of one of the pilgrims and the Pooja ( […]

Ayyappan Vilakku

Ayyappan Vilakku is a ritualistic observance, conducted in Ayyappa temples. On this occasion, numerous miniature temples are constructed out of tender coconut frond and plantain leaf-stalks. Songs are sung on the legendary fight between Lord Ayyappa and Vavar. In tune with the various rhymes and rhythms of this devotional song, two dancers in the costume […]

Ayyappan Pattu

The songs featuring in Ayyappan Pattu  are replete with stories connected to Lord Ayyappa and also his heroic deeds. This ritual is very popular during the pilgrim season at Sabarimala,  which is the abode of Lord Ayyappa. During the season, Ayyappan Paattu is held with people participating, irrespective of caste and creed. This is an […]

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