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Malikapurathamma Temple

When Ayyappan annihilated  Mahishi by catching her horns and  throwing her down, she is said to have fallen by the banks of  Azhutha river. The totally subdued Mahishi, at that moment,  became aware of the greatness of Ayyappan and when Ayyappan’s divine glance fell on her, she realised her own own basic divinity and sang […]


Sannidhanam is the central shrine of the Sabarimala temple complex and seats the deity Ayyappan. Mel Shanti (chief priest) of Sabarimala performs the rituals and ceremony to please Ayyappan in this shrine. With an overwhelming sense of fulfillment ,the pilgrim speds up his pace and beholds from a distance from a distance the eighteen sacred […]


Saramkuthi is very important pilgrim spot on the way to Sabarimala.. It lies on the traditional trekking path and is about 1 km from Sabari Peetam near Pampa. From here, a walk of 1.5 km leads to the Sannidhanam (Sabarimala). The Saramkuthi is known for the Saramkuthi Aal, a big banyan tree around, this is […]


Now the great climb is over.The pilgrim is getting closer to his destination. Walking a short distance from Appachimedu,he reaches a level ground and there is sacred spot, Sabari – Peedam. According to a legend , Sri Rama and his brother Lakshmana, during their wanderings in search of sita ,met the great woman sage Sabari […]


Appachimedu  is on the way from Pampa to Sabarimala and is at the end of Neelimala. Both sides of this place are steep depressions filled with dense forest, known as ‘Appachi Kuzhi’ or ‘Eppachi Kuzhi.’The devotees who are first time to Sabarimala throw Ariyunda (an offering made of rice) to the pit. It is believed […]


Climbing the mountain Neelimala is the next phase of the pilgrimage. At first the pilgrim climbs the steps reach the shrine of Sri Ganesha at the foot of the mountain and worships there before climbing Neelimala. This is the third steep climb of the pilgrimage, when the pilgrim takes to the traditional route. But for […]

Pampa River in Sabarimala

Pampa is the most important and holy spot on the way to Sannidhanam. It is here Lord Ayyappa was found by King Rajasekara. The Pampa river is as holy as the Ganges. The Pampa water purifies one from curse and evil. The Pithrubali at Pampa : On reaching Pampa,the pilgrims,after setting their camps , take […]

Vanayathra – A journey through dense forest

Perur Thodu : It is a river about 4 km from Erumeli. Lord Ayyappa rested here during his expedition. It is from here the rise begins. Giving alms here is important. By giving alms, one is disposing of all dharma and seeking asylum in Ayyappa. The forest beyond Perur Thodu is poongavanam (Ayyappan’s garden) Kalaketti […]


Erumeli Sree Dharma Sastha Temple main centre of pilgrims to Sabarimala. Traditional foot track is from here. Pilgrims gather here pay homage to vavar at muslim mosque and petta thullal is performed. The hindu muslim unity is at its best and good to imitate to rest of our country.The temple situates in Erumeli of Kottayam […]

Pandalam Temple and Palce

It is believed that Lord Ayyappa of Sabarimala spent his human life until adolescene in the palace of Pandalam as the son of the king of Pandalam. Therefore this town is considered as a holy place. The Valiyakoikal temple on the bank of river Achankovil has been modeled as a replica of Sabarimala Shrine. Pilgrims usually stop here for worship […]