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Useful Information for Sabarimala Ayyappa Devotees

Vehicles operated by Kerala State Road Transport Corporation, Travancore Devaswom Board and Private parties are available to Pamba. Dolly service is available from Pamba to Sannidhanam for those who are unable to walk the heights. There are Cardiology centres at Appachimedu (Phone No. 04735-202050) and Neelimala (Phone No. 04735-203384). Stretcher service is available at Appachimedu […]

Kanni Ayyappan : Rituals and Beliefs

Kanni Ayyappan or First time Sabarimala climber is a unique feature of Sabarimala and there said a storywith this. It is believed that Lord Ayyappa has given his word to Malikappurathu devi that he will marry herif any Kanni Ayyappans fails to come to Sababrimalain an year. Unfortunately, such thing never occurred and still Malikappuram […]

Accommodation in and around Sabarimala

Sabari Guest House Phone: 04735-202056 Forest IB Sabarimala Phone: 04735-202074 / 75 SIVASAKTHI (DH V) Phone: 04735-202049 TEJASWINI (DH VI) Phone: 04735-202049 SAHYADRI (PC II) Phone: 04735-202049 KAILAS (PC III) Phone: 04735-202049 GKD Hall Phone: 04735-202049 Poorna, Pushkala Hall Phone: 04735-202049 SREEMATHA (DH VII) Phone: 04735-202049 PRANAVAM (PC I) Phone: 04735-202049 Forest Dormitory Phone: 04735-202074 […]

How to perform Ayyappa Deeksha

Sabarimala is one of the important pilgrim centre in India and very special rituals and customs are related with Sabarimala

Pampa Sadya

Pampa Feast These events are celebrated one day before Makara Vilakku . It is said that the feast forms a part of the the victory celebrations conducted by Ayyappa and his troops after conquering his enemy `Udayanan’. Pilgrims organise large scale feasts at noon and invite guests to attend the feast. The participants sit on […]

How to observe Mandala Vrutham ?

Devotees initiate the vratham by wearing a Thulasi or a Rudraksha mala. After this ceremony, the male pilgrim and the female pilgrim (aged 1-12 and after 55) are addressed as Ayyapan/Swamy and Maalikapuram respectively, until their completion of the pilgrimage. The devotees will wear only BLACK colored clothings. 1. Devotees are expected to undergo practices […]

108 Sastha Temples

Thrikkunnapuzha Dharmasasthavu Thiruvullakkavu sasthavu Aryankavu dharmasasthavu Chambrakulangara ayyappan Chamravattam sasthavu Achan kovil darmasasthavu Kulathupuzha sasthav Kolakkottiri ayyappankavu Sabarimala sreedharma sasthavu Pathanamthitta Kizhakedesam sasthavu Meenachil sasthavu Arakkulam dharmasasthavu Mattil sasthavu Cheruthazhathukavu sasthavu Kalleli sasthav Nandikeswarankavu sastha Thakazhi dhramasasthavu Chakkamkulangara dharmasasthavu Aarattupuzha sasthavu Manaloor ayyappan kavu Manakodi sasthavu Edathra sasthavu Edathuruthi ayyappan kavu Kanyakulangara dharmasasthavu Nettissery sasthavu […]

Malikapurathamma Temple

When Ayyappan annihilated  Mahishi by catching her horns and  throwing her down, she is said to have fallen by the banks of  Azhutha river. The totally subdued Mahishi, at that moment,  became aware of the greatness of Ayyappan and when Ayyappan’s divine glance fell on her, she realised her own own basic divinity and sang […]


Sannidhanam is the central shrine of the Sabarimala temple complex and seats the deity Ayyappan. Mel Shanti (chief priest) of Sabarimala performs the rituals and ceremony to please Ayyappan in this shrine. With an overwhelming sense of fulfillment ,the pilgrim speds up his pace and beholds from a distance from a distance the eighteen sacred […]


Saramkuthi is very important pilgrim spot on the way to Sabarimala.. It lies on the traditional trekking path and is about 1 km from Sabari Peetam near Pampa. From here, a walk of 1.5 km leads to the Sannidhanam (Sabarimala). The Saramkuthi is known for the Saramkuthi Aal, a big banyan tree around, this is […]

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