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The Natural Urge to Know One self ( 2 )

One of the basic urges in man is to seek the meaning of his own existence and that of the universe. He wants to know whether he and the universe are involved in far greater dimensions than he perceives, and in which he can find a deeper meaning in life and experience a greater freedom, […]

Sri Dharma Sastha Worship – A Tuning to Advaithic Consciousness (1)

Here is a revealing incident. A group of pilgrims from Tamilnadu, on their way to Sabarimala, reached Kollur, a beautiful and calm village nestled amidst the mountain fastness in Karnataka to offer worship to the Divine Mother at the reputed Sri Mookambika temple. This group of about twenty five devotees, after taking bath in the […]

History of ‘Harivarasanam’

Harivarasanam’ was written by Kumbakudi Kulathur Iyer. In 1955, Swami Vimochananad recited this Ashtakam for the first time at Sabarimala. Sannidhanam, in early 1940s, 50s and 60s , was just wild jungle which few pilgrims visited. It is understood that a VR Gopala Menon of Alapuzha used to stay on at Sannidhanam even when the […]

The Myth of Lord Ayyappa

The Story of Mahishasura The myth teaches us that the people who live in Heaven are believed to be “Devas” and the people in hell (the world beneath or pathala) are “Asuras”. Devas are divine personalities while the Asuras are demons. Let me take you to those ages. “Ramba” and “Karamba” were the sons of […]

The history of Sabarimala Temple

Sabarimala Sree Dharmasastha Temple is one of the most ancient temples in Kerala. It is believed that the deity of the temple was consecrated by Lord Parasurama at the foot of Sabari hills for which reference has been made even in Ramayana. The temple attracts pilgrims not only from the southern states of Kerala, Tamil […]