Ayyappan Theeyattu

25/10/2011 Pilgrim Rituals

The deity meant for Ayyappan Theeyattu is Sastha, the son of Hari and Hara. The main item of Kalampattu/Thottampattu and the acting of the story of the origin and bravado of Ayyappan are the basis for this ritualistic performance. From the Thottam, we get the information that Sastha, the deity who is in the acme of knowledge in heaven came down to the earth to be the god of Malanadu under the instruction of Siva. Together with Sastha, it is said that deities like Andimahakalan, Kokkot Bhrandan, Neelan, Neelakattari, Arayilamme, Bhadrakali, Maladevatas and twelve thousand Bhoothas also came here.Ayyappan is adored as a hunting god in the Theeyattu Pattu. Songs in which he is designated as the General of Pandi Raja is also sung in Theeyattu. In several places Ayyappan is called Ayyan, which is a word older than the other one.In Theeyattu, a lot of separate performances like decoration of pandal, Uchapattu, Kalamezhuthu, Sandhyakkottu, Ezhunnallippu, Kalampooja, Kalampattu, Kalathilattam, Theeyattu and Thirayuzhichil. A few differences in the order are the differences in the varieties of Ayyappan Theeyattu. Theeyattu  In certain areas Ayyappan Theeyattu is called Ayyappan Koothu. The name is given, taking into consideration the dominance of the acting part of it. Theeyati Nambiar decorates himself sitting in front of the sanctum. In Ayyappan Theeyattu, the face will not be decorated.

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