Ayyappa Shrines in other States (62)

12/01/2012 History of Lord Ayyappa

The emergence of Ayyappa temples all over India and in some centres abroad is indicative of the wide spread appeal and the spiritual elevation attained through Ayyappa worship. The first of the Malayalam month Vrischikam is gaining universal attention as it is the day in which the Ayyappa devotees all over the world begin their austerities for Sabarimala pilgrimage. All centres of Ayyappa worship – temples, temporary shrines and Bhajana-madams (prayer halls)- surge with devotional activities like recital of hymns, Bhajan-s, Keerthan-s, Pooja-s and rituals. Centres of Ayyappa worship thus become centres for spiritual cultivation during the Mandala period. Most of the Ayyappa temples foster artistic, cultural and social service activities. The opportunity it provides for spiritual cultivation and people’s whole-hearted participation irrespective of social, cultural and religious differences attract increasing popular attention and lead to the inception of Ayyappa temples in several parts of India and abroad. The unique features of Ayyppa worship have moulded it to be a meeting point for diverse cultures and systems of worship to blend into all embracing universality.

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