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12/01/2012 History of Lord Ayyappa


Ayyappa Temple, Hardwar

The holy city of Hardwar, Himalayas, has an Ayyappa temple, which was founded in 1959 inspired by Swami Vimochanananda, a pioneer in establishing Sri Ayyappa temples in North India. Large number of devotees visit the shrine during the Mandala and the Makara vilakku season. The temple authorities provide food and accommodation to the pilgrims who reach their on there way to Badrinath, Kedarnath, etc.

Uttar Pradesh


The Ayyappa temple in Jhansi is situated on a hillock amidst a serene and beautiful landscape with luxuriant growth of bushes, a short distance away from the Jhansi railway station on the Delhi-Lucknow route. The temple construction was begun in 1983, with the whole-hearted voluntary participation of devotees in the construction activities such as levelling a part of the hillock and taking the construction material from the bottom to the hill top. The work was completed in 1990 and the consecration ceremony was performed next year by the Thanthri of Sabarimala temple Sri Thazhamon-madathil Sreekandararu Maheswararu. Outside the temple compound, there is a large statue of Lord Ayyappa. A glimpse of the temple from a distance is itself an elevating experience.


The temple is located near the Kanpur Air Force Station. This temple, managed by Ayyappa Seva Samithi Trust, was founded in 1973. Marking the beginning of the Mandala-Pooja season, there is a ritualistic procession with a caparisoned elephant carrying the Lord’s idol with the accompaniment of the traditional percussion instruments as Chenda-vaadyam. When the procession moves along the streets, the houses and shops on both sides receives it with devotion by lighting oil lamps. Makara-samkraanthi and other auspicious days are also celebrated with special Pooja-s and rituals.

Other Shri Ayyappa Temples are located at: Varanasi (Kasi) – Thilbandeshwar, (It was the first Ayyappa temple in North India, and was established by Swami Vimochananda. The same Swamiji established the Ayyappa Temple in Hardwar, the second Ayyappa Temple in North India). Lucknow – Lord Ayyappa Temple, Ayyappa Marg, Gomthi Nagar; Ghaziabad Shree Ayyappa Temple, Brij Vihar, Chander Nagar PO, (The temple was consecrated in 1995 and is managed by Shree Ayyappa Pooja Samiti, Brij Vihar); Aligarh: Sri Ayyappa Temple.

West Bengal

Kolkata – SasthaSamooham, 42 Lake Avenue, Kolkata-26.


Rourkela: Ayyappa Temple, Temple Complex, Sector-3, Rourkela.


Jaipur: Ayyappa Temple, Mahaveer Nagar,Tonk Road, Jaipur.

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