Ayyappa Shrines in Delhi, Gujarat and Haryana (64)

12/01/2012 History of Lord Ayyappa

Among the several Ayyappa shrines outside Kerala, the temple at Ramakrishnapuram, sector II, in New Delhi has some unique features. It had a humble beginning in 1973 with the worship of a photograph of Lord Ayyappa in a small room in a nearby area. This eventually led to the establishment of this major Ayyappa shrine in the capital city. The consecration ceremony was held in April 1980.

Here, the idol of Lord Ayyappa has some special features, which differ from the traditional image. The astrological method of Deva-Prasna revealed that the idol here should be different from that of the posture of Ayyappa Vigraha of Sabarimala. The idol here combines the characteristics of a few Divinities. It is in a sitting posture with one leg kept suspended and holding a pot of nectar in hand. The pot of nectar is indicative of Lord Danwanthari, the divine physician aspect of Lord Vishnu. One foot suspended from the sitting posture symbolises the aspect of Divine Mother and the other foot kept folded on the seat represents Shaastha, and the Jadaamakudam, the tuft of hair on the top of the head, is reminiscent of the Ardhanaareeswara aspect of Lord Siva. The temple is built in the architectural style of Gajaprishta, which symbolises the aspect of Sri Ganesha. There are no separate shrines for accompanying Deities since the Ayyappa idol thus incorporates the characteristics of these Deities. The temple festival is conducted every year in the month of April.

Temples are located at: Sri Ayyappa Temple, RKPuram, Sector II; Sri Ayyappa Temple, Pushpa Vihar, Sector VI, New Delhi 110017 (Managed by Sree Dharma Sastha Sewa Samajam, Rohini); SriAyyappa Temple, CSC9, Sector7, Rohini, Delhi 110085 (Phone : +91 11-27052015)


Veraval Sri Ayyappa Temple; Rajkot: SriAyyappaTemple; Ahmedabad: Sri AyyappaTemple; Wadi : Sri Ayyappa Tample.


Faridabad : Sri AyyappanTemple, Sector-3; Sri Ayyappan Temple, Sector 23

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