25/10/2011 Journey to Sabarimala

Appachimedu  is on the way from Pampa to Sabarimala and is at the end of Neelimala. Both sides of this place are steep depressions filled with dense forest, known as ‘Appachi Kuzhi’ or ‘Eppachi Kuzhi.’The devotees who are first time to Sabarimala throw Ariyunda (an offering made of rice) to the pit. It is believed that this offering is done to the evil deities who are captured by Kaduvaran, a securityof Lord Ayyappa . Sabari Peetam comes after Appachimedu. Appachimedu is considered to be the seat of evil spirits and the pilgrims propitiate them by throwing offerings of rice powder balls into gorges.This is symbolic of Advaithic vision that there is no phenomenon external to the ultimate reality.Both good and bad are conditioned expressions within reality and the spiritual inquirer is making an effort to transcend both.Sticking to the bad trends ,as selfishness,violence,jealousy ,etc.makes one degrade or stagnate ,while the cultivation of love,compassion,etc ,expands ,elevates and equips one for a break through to transcended reality of Divine consciousness,which is beyond the conditioned states of good and evil.Good and evil and such dual opposites are limitations confined to the field of human action and reactions in which the mind involves itself .These conditioned states of mind have to betranscended to embrace the freedom of unconditioned wholeness within and this has to be achieved through discriminate and intelligent spiritual practice

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