Annual Festival in Sabarimala

25/10/2011 Festivals

The myth associated with Sabarimala festival: a ten day temple festival starts from  Atham day of Vrischikam with the “Kodiyettam” and culminates with Arattu (Holy bath of Lord Ayyappa at the sacred river Pampa ). It is renowned as ‘Thiruvustsava’. This occation becomes a stimulant to millions of devotees of Lord Ayyappa. Dhwajapooja is done at Sreekovil (shrine) just before Kodiyettam to transfer the chaitanya to the flag. Thus the sanctified flag is hoisted on the golden flag staff (Dhwaja stambham) by the Thantri at ‘Sannidhanam’ along with the ‘Melshanthi’ this is done with the accompaniment of Panchavadya amidst chants of Saranam Ayyappa. Arattu is performed at Pamba in the traditional Kerala temple style. The idol of Lord Ayyappa on a tusker is accompanied by elephants and millions of devotees. The sight at Pamba is just marvellous.This is a holly procession with lightened lamps and the road to Pamba on both sides will be covered with offerings. At Pamba, Holly bath is followed by special Poojas witnessed by an unending queue of devotees chanting simultaneously and in one sound, ‘Saranam Ayyappa’. A bath is believed to remove all sins. Reaching the temple premises after Arattu the flag is dehoisted. Thiruvutsava ends there.

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