A Clue for the Higher Spiritual Links in the Universe (24)

25/12/2011 History of Lord Ayyappa

The auspicious phenomenon of the appearance of the Krishna Parunthu occurs also on some other special occasions, like just before the procession carrying the Thiruvaabharanam, the special ornaments of the Lord, starts from the Pandalam Palace, and also when the procession reaches Saramkuthiyaal, a sacred spot near Sabarimala Temple. These occurrences, as if programmed, take place every year and can be regarded as Nature’s clues reminding man of the all-pervading Reality behind all phenomena. Such events serve to remind him of the greater dimensions in Nature beyond what he knows in his ordinary conditioned state. However, more than such supra-rational incidents, it is the very intimacy with the inner Divinity which the pilgrimage provides that draws millions to Sabarimala.

During the pilgrimage season Erumeli witnesses memorable scenes of abounding devotion, colour and festivity. Thousands of pilgrims on reaching here either proceed to Pampa by vehicles or take to the forest route by foot to reach there. In Erumeli, near the Valiambalam, there is a camp of the Akhila Bharatha Ayyappa Seva Sangham, a well-known voluntary organisation, which renders considerable service to pilgrims.

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